Sundance London launched

Robert Redford has announced the Sundance London festival will be coming to a conference venue in London next year.

It will be supplementary to the already established Sundance Film Festival, where directors like Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and Darren Aranofsky all made their names.

Mr Redford told the Press Association: “It is our mutual goal to bring to the UK, the very best in current American independent cinema, to introduce the artists responsible for it, and in essence help build a picture of our country that is broadly reflective of the diversity of voices not always seen in our cultural exports.”

The London event will also include live music alongside independent film-screenings. Previous Sundance screenings have led to numerous Oscar nominations and wins. The King’s Speech, The Kids Are Alright and Winter’s Bone all won Oscars last year.

The 74-year-old Academy Award winning actor and director has been running the original Sundance festival since 1981. It has been held annually in Utah in the United States until now.

“We wanted to show a slice of American life which is not always found in exports from things such as Hollywood,” Mr Redford explained to Sky News.

“We are about independent film, bringing new artists, new voices and showing an edgier part of American culture.”

Sundance London will run from April 26th-29th next year.