Surprise weddings becoming a new trend

Surprise weddings are apparently becoming a new trend for 2014, according to an industry expert.

Wedding planner Carmen Feliciano, CEO of company, was writing for this week. She claimed that many couples are now taking inspiration from celebrities by surprising friends and family with a late notice ceremony. The trend is said to also be known as an ‘ambush wedding’.

According to Ms Feliciano, there are a number of benefits to the trend. These include less stress, an excuse to get rid of unwanted traditions and less time organising. The planner also said that surprise weddings can be even more fun.

She did admit that the trend may not be to everyone’s tastes however, writing: “Of course, a surprise wedding is not for everyone. If you have a very clear vision of your wedding and actually do enjoy the planning process, then this option is not for you.”

Feliciano continued: “If you also like travel and do not want to deal with orchestrating a surprise event, then eloping still remains a popular option for an intimate and easy affair.”

Another upcoming trend that may end up filtering into the UK is a ceremony which features robots. The machines circulate amongst guests and can be used for video, so that friends and families in other countries can be a part of the ceremony.

The trend has already been seen in the US, according to