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Survey to find recipe for 'the perfect event'

A new survey looking into what makes the perfect corporate event has been launched, reports

The Science Museum and caterer Jackson Gilmour have teamed up to discover what people would most like to see when turn up to a business gathering.

Available at Jackson Gilmour’s official site, the survey is open to anyone that’s ever attended an event and contains questions on a wide range of topics.  

These include what motivates someone to attend an event and how the type of conference space can impact its success, along with some of the more humorous questions, like how much wine is ‘enough’.

All the information will be used to develop a formula on what makes the ‘perfect event’, which could prove useful for those planning corporate gatherings in the future.

Francis O’Hagan, Jackson Gilmour’s operations director, said: “To my knowledge, research on this scale has not been attempted before; we are looking forward to sharing our findings with event organisers, venue teams and suppliers all over the capital.”

As reported by, the survey forms part of the broader Science of Events project, which also includes focus groups with a number of events industry experts around autumn time.

The project will culminate with a large-scale ‘Event Lab’ gathering next year.