Sustainability attracts clients, says MPI

Having sustainable practices within event, conference and meeting industries can attract clients and increase revenue.

These were the thoughts of president elect, Samme Allen from the Meetings Professional International group (MPI).

Speaking to delegates at the Sustainable Events Summit in London, she stressed the importance of education and the implementation of standards across the events industry with regards to sustainability.

“There are many different agendas in this field so it’s important to simplify the message and promote best practice,” she said, according to CIT Magazine.

She added that sustainability isn’t just a buzz concept, adding that it can be profitable for owners of event venues and function venues etc.

“Sustainability is a massive tool for us and we have won a lot of business off the back of it. So, yes, we do make money from this,” she said.

The aim of this year’s Sustainable Events Summit is to create a roadmap towards a more sustainable events industry, according to Therefore many others were pitching in, keen to push ‘green thinking’ forward.

A spokesperson for the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC), also speaking at the summit, argued that the practical application of sustainability practices for the events industry cannot work without engaging business leaders.

However, they said that common standards could be created for all businesses: “We need industry and government standards to work together. Having too many processes can stifle creativity,” they said.

“We need to follow the positive examples given by event planners,” added the spokesperson.