Take control of boring meetings, says report

Suffering in silence during a boring meeting is one of the worst things an employee can do, according to a report on Harvard Business Review.

Meetings that bounce aimlessly from one topic to the next will bore the employee, but some are too scared to say to the meeting holder that the topic isn’t interesting.

“Instead of rolling your eyes, take control”, claims the report, which is entitled ‘Guide to Making Every Meeting Matter’. This means grabbing the actual meeting and the conference space by the horns by proposing some changes.

For example, “playing dumb” is a strong way to mix up a meeting and is cited as the management tip of the day on Reuters.

“Ask someone in the room – preferably the strongest communicator – to help you understand what problem you’re trying to solve and what needs to happen to resolve it,” claims the report.

In addition, those in meetings need to identify the decision-maker as sometimes meetings stall because no one knows who is responsible for the final decision. Finally, making certain everybody is going to be present means the meeting won’t be a half-hearted affair.

“Are there absentees who need to be there?,” claims the report. “Suggest rescheduling for a time when all the stakeholders can be present.”