Take inspiration for your wedding dress from your wardrobe, say bloggers

Top wedding bloggers have said that brides should take inspiration from the clothes already in their wardrobe when trying to choose a dress.

Jocey Bella and Amy Squires, who run blog Wedding Chicks were talking to huffingtonpost.com this week. They commented: “Wedding style should be determined by your personal style – the way you dress, decorate your space and express yourself.”

The bloggers continued: “Incorporate elements that you and your partner love that will signify you as a couple. Guests should be reminded of you as they experience your day through the details.”

Another blogger, Dana Larue, also claimed that it is important brides should “let their personality shine through” when it comes to their wedding dress. However, she claimed that they also need to be experimental and not afraid to try something new if it stands out to them.

Those who want to follow the latest trends when it comes to their wedding dresses may want to try a beaded neckline however, as this is big for 2014, according to an article posted on royalgazette.com this week.

Other upcoming trends for this year, according to the post, include high splits on dresses and non-white wedding dresses.