Tech set to revolutionise weddings

Weddings are set to become more high-tech affairs, with state of the art gadgets beginning to revolutionise the way couples tie the knot, reports.

One such example of ways in which couples are using tech in their ceremony is to have a bridal dress which displays messages and well-wishes from loved ones.

Much like the “tweet dress” as worn by X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger recently, the dress collects and displays messages from friends and family when the bride and groom kiss, thus giving the traditional book of messages a decidedly more modern spin.

It’s not only bridal wear that has undergone a tech revolution. It seems 3D printing has also transformed the tradition of women wearing hats to the ceremony. Now, the process won’t involve going to the shops and seeing what suits, as guests can commission their very own bespoke hat that not only fits perfectly but is also to the design and colour they want.

Not only that, as 3D printing is a relatively cheap process – once the printer has been bought – this can come at a fraction of the price of traditional bespoke millinery.

When it comes to invites and ‘save-the-date’ messages, these too have had a high-tech makeover. Now, QR codes and augmented reality can be used to help couples direct their guests to videos or messages stored online that will make their invite really stand out, claims. Soon, this could even work directly with calendars on mobile phones or tablets, thus importing the event straight away.