Technology has the biggest impact on business travel

The biggest influence on business travel over the last 20 years has been identified as technology, reports.

Tech has grown immeasurably over the last 20 years or so, thereby impacting nearly all businesses in locations across the world. As such, it is perhaps unsurprising that it should also be named as having had more influence on the world of business travel than any other development of the last two decades.

Research published by the Business Travel Show (BTS) showed that not only has tech had the biggest impact in recent times, the trend is also set to continue well into the future.

When drafting up its newest buyer survey and intelligence report, the BTS found that eight of the top 20 developments set to impact business travel in 2014 were tech-related. Looking even further ahead, as technology developments continue, so too will their impact on business travel.

Among those set to make waves in 2014 are free hotel wi-fi, internet connectivity on aeroplanes, NDC and gamification, among others.

Commenting, event director of the BTS, David Chapple, told “The impact that technology has had on the business travel industry over the past 20 years is indisputable thanks in most part to the internet, which made it possible to book trips online.

“These days, technology impacts every touch point along the travel buying process and the next task for buyers is learning how to utilise and integrate technology in a way that keeps travellers happy and compliant.”