Technology is important in hospitality, says expert

A hospitality expert has talked about the importance of technology in the hospitality industry.

Emma Eversham, web editor of, said that although obviously human interaction is the most important thing in the industry, technology is now also a massive factor.

She also claimed good technology services were “vital” to whether customers stayed loyal to event venues, writing on the site: “…adopting the latest technology does have a vital role to play when it comes to improving the customer journey and can impact a diner or guest’s choice as well as determine whether they return back to your business again.”

Ms Eversham also talked about how the technology could provide assurance to customers, through things such as automatic booking email confirmations, as well as specific details about the venue and even menu details or costs.

Latest statistics also prove that more and more customers are using technology when it comes to the hospitality industry. Online reservations service Livebookings seated more than 15 million diners last year, according to, which is four million up from 2011 statistics.

David Miller, head of UK marketing at Livebookings, also talked about the shift away from people using mobiles rather than laptops – claiming 34 per cent of the companies booking was through smartphones last year, compared to 2011.