"Thank you events" should be reintroduced

Companies should reintroduce “thank you events” for their employees, according to one industry expert.

Writing for Event Magazine, Nigel Cooper – an executive director and experienced businessman – made the claim.

He told the magazine how this type of event had been dropped during the recession, but that now was the time to revive it – perhaps prompting companies to find venues for hire and hold a shindig for their hardworking staff.

Cooper confirmed: “During the depths of the recession many companies either cancelled all staff events, rewards and incentives or conducted them in secret.”

However he added that now, if events weren’t reintroduced: “There is a danger that they [employees] will be de-motivated and tempted to move elsewhere if their efforts are not being recognised and rewarded.”

“When rewards for hard work and performance are due they should be paid – it’s a basic breach of contract if they are not. Having a culture of success is not only important for a thriving business but for a thriving economy.”

Cooper was not the only one to encourage businesses to recognise the hard work their employees have put in; with HumanResources.About.com claiming that: “Employee recognition is a communication tool than reinforces and rewards the most important outcomes people create for your business.”

“An effective employee recognition system is simple, immediate and powerfully reinforcing.”