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The Guardian asks: Why shouldn't you celebrate your wedding in style?

Couples who want to celebrate their wedding in style aren’t narcissists; they just want to enjoy being financially independent enough to plan their own ceremony and should be allowed to do so, claims The Guardian.

Writing in The Guardian earlier this month, Rebecca Mead said that she agrees with the Rev Dr Giles Fraser when he claimed on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day show that weddings have become “overblown, narcissistic productions,” which are “a threat to marriage itself.”

In fact, Ms Mead who wrote a book about weddings, said that bridal mania – the belief of an engaged woman that the world revolves around her, the dress and flowers – is a genuine phenomenon.

However, Deborah Joseph has stepped in to fight the corner of modern weddings, explaining that couples are now much older when they marry. This means they’re more independent, not just because they usually have lived on their own for years, but financially too. Parents are no longer organising and paying for weddings, so Mrs Joseph argues that couples should be able to choose what they want, whether that’s an unusual dress, an extravagant wedding reception venue or a dry wedding.

“Who says they just because you want to celebrate in style – with a show-stopping dress, fabulous Louboutins, “freeze-dried rose petals and butterfly-release kits” – you’re not taking your marriage vows seriously?” wrote Mrs Joseph. “Princess for a day? Sign me up.”