The Queen cancels corporate Christmas party

The Queen has cancelled her corporate Christmas party this year, after the Royal Household decided it was “appropriate to show restraint” by cancelling the party.

That’s according to The Financial Times, which reported that Buckingham Palace made the announcement this week, disappointing the 600 members of the royal staff.

However, the Queen didn’t need to cancel the corporate Christmas party altogether. The budget stands at £50,000, but that could have been reduced with some careful planning and by holding the party somewhere else.

A Palace spokesman said: “The Queen is acutely aware of the difficult economic circumstances facing the country. It was decided it was appropriate for the Royal Household to show restrain and therefor not hold the party this year.”

According to The Scotland Herald, it’s the first time in recent history that the party has been cancelled. They quoted one member of staff as saying: “We’re all devastated as it’s a great night when everyone lets their hair down. They Royals mix freely with servants – it’s normal to see the Queen dancing with a footman or Prince Philip waltzing with a maid. The champagne flows like water and you feel your hard work has been appreciated. This won’t go down well.”