The right venue is the key to Christmas party success, according to industry expert

Choosing the right venue is the key to organising successful and memorable corporate Christmas parties, according to an industry expert.

Professional party planner Julie Perry, who helped organise Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s wedding celebrations, says that a good venue can transform a Christmas event and make the task of planning proceedings much easier.

“It is absolutely crucial that the correct choice of venue is made,” Perry told The Liverpool Echo.

Perry says that the best Christmas parties are those which encourage guests to mingle. Choosing a venue where most of the action takes place around the bar naturally allows party goers to mix, and gives the event a more sociable atmosphere.

“It makes for a better party atmosphere if everyone is in the same room, with the bar, to avoid segregation,” Perry said.

One pitfall when organising a Christmas party is to spend too much time trying to make it perfect. Perry suggests that the best parties have an air of spontaneity, and that a good venue goes a long way towards creating this vibe.

“Beware of over-organising – sometimes it can actually spoil the atmosphere, it can make an event seem sterile and contrived and take away the excitement and vibrancy,” she explained.

Earlier this month, Event Industry News issued a number of tips for planning a Christmas party and echoed Perry’s advice that a good venue is key. The industry news source said that the venue’s location is highly important, and added that nearby public transport links and ample parking “all makes a difference” to guests.