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'The Wedding Video' actor recalls own nuptials gaff

Nigel Cole’s new film ‘The Wedding Video’ has received warm reviews, though star Robert Webb is relieved his own wedding wasn’t quite so eventful in real life.

The film – which is now showing in cinemas – depicts the last few weeks running up to the marriage of Webb’s character Tim to bride Saskia, played by Lucy Punch. Long-lost brother Raif (Rufus Hound) shoots the video in true amateur style, which naturally captures the ups and downs of a high-class society wedding.

Webb, star of ‘Peep Show’, told huffingtonpost.co.uk that his wedding didn’t quite go to plan – but not to the extent that Tim and Saskia’s does.

“The music was set at bizarrely low volume, so it all sounded a bit more sombre than it was meant to when we were walking down the aisle,” he said. “But the rest of the day was fine, a traditional wedding with nothing too fancy, all within proportion.”

Fortunately, most couples only experience minor blips during their big day and can minimise events by choosing a top quality wedding reception venue or maybe engaging the services of a wedding planner. Tim and Saskia might have done well to consider such things.

As the film unfolds, the narrative hints at a secret history between Raif and Saskia, while including some ‘getting progressively drunk’ montages. Peter Bradshaw, reviewing the film for guardian.co.uk, called it a “very wacky, unpretentious and likeable British wedding romcom.”

Webb meanwhile believes that the comedic value of weddings derives from the pressure, the pretence and ignoring certain familial issues coupled with champagne. “It’s a combination of denial and booze,” he added wryly.