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Themed weddings are the trend of the moment

Themed weddings are the trend of the moment, with couples opting for an array of different ideas. reports brides are opting for everything from zombies to the Roaring Twenties in a bid to make their day special and unique. With so many people choosing the warmer months for their ceremony, many guests will be attending several ceremonies.

Everything from The Beatles to a carnival has been used as a theme for weddings across the world and couples appear to be trying to ensure their own wedding is unforgettable, with the set theme running through everything from the wedding reception venue to the clothing.

Brides are choosing themes that will remain in the minds of their guests long after the wedding has passed and are spending huge sums to achieve their dreams. reports that some couples purposely choose outlandish themes in a bid to outdo their friends.

Once a theme has been done and is talked about among social circles, the next bride on the list can feel a competitive streak and become determined to have a better wedding than her friend.

Editor of, Lauren Grove said themed weddings: “Used to be cheesy. Now it’s getting a lot more acceptable.”