Things to consider for an outdoor wedding

Hello magazine have announced that Prince Albert of Monaco and his bride to be are planning a romantic, outdoor summer wedding and like many other couples who hold their ceremonies outdoors, the couple will be praying the weather is nice.

When you plan your wedding you never envisage rain, but when having an outdoor wedding you have to be prepared. Rain is the biggest disaster that could possibly happen if you choose to have your ceremony outside and it is true, rain can ruin the entire day for you. Who wants to be remembered for being the soaked bride or groom, when you could be part of the couple whose guests enjoyed a spectacular wedding day.

Don’t worry, there are ways to prepare for that worse case scenario and one way is to make sure tents are available on the big day. Light rain isn’t so much of a problem, but a downpour will be.

If you are worried a tent wont be enough to do the trick, hold the ceremony in the grounds of your wedding reception venue. That way you can plan the outdoor wedding you both desire, but you and the venue will be prepared to move the wedding inside if the weather lets you down.

Having such a plan will enable you to relax as you plan the big day. You will be safe in the knowledge that even if the weather isn’t what you hoped it would be, the day will still be able to go ahead as planned. Admittedly it can be disappointing if you have always envisioned your wedding to be outdoors and then it doesn’t happen. But with outdoor weddings that is the chance you take.