Think about holding a daytime Christmas party, suggests columnist

A columnist has urged companies to think about holding their Christmas festivities during the day, rather than at night.

While the typical festive party in the UK tends to be run at night and involve significant amounts of alcohol, Alexandra Levit suggested on that this might not always chime with a firm’s corporate culture.

She pointed out that any organisations which are concerned could just hold a ‘dry’ party during the day. Function venues may have greater availability at this time, as well as there being less chance of drunken mishaps.

Ms Levit encouraged bosses to talk to their employees about what they want from their Christmas party, so that they can create something that is meaningful to their workforce. She also offered tips on how to avoid alcohol-related trouble at night.

“Choose an offsite location, consider drink tickets instead of an open bar, and provide transportation home. Before the event, email attendees a reminder message with friendly mentions of your behaviour policies (harassment, etc.),” said the columnist.

When it comes to dressing for a daytime occasion, there are some sartorial rules to follow, according to Advice from ‘Vogue’ editor Edwina McCann indicates that satin and sequins simply do not work when it is sunny, while tinsel should not be considered as an accessory.