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Three in ten enjoy business travel for the change of scenery

Three in ten business travellers (30 per cent) thoroughly enjoy their trips as they provide a welcome change from life in the office, reports

In its survey of 1,284 British professionals, research group Mintel discovered that many people value business travel due to the change of scenery on offer.

Although this might only involve travelling to London to visit one of its many event venues, it was clear that delegates still enjoy the break.

However, this dropped to a quarter (26 per cent) among parents, while less people with children (29 per cent) declared a preference for trips that involved overnight stays than people without (38 per cent).   

Around 20 per cent of the group said they would consider bringing along a member of their family, possibly to address this issue, yet only 12 per cent said they have been allowed to do so.

To heap even more pressure on companies without a coherent and fair business travel policy, Mintel’s research discovered that just a quarter (27 per cent) had seen all of their travel expenses reimbursed.

Mintel travel and tourism analyst Harry Segal told this suggests there is scope for companies to change their policies in order to make business travel seem like a more attractive proposition.

“With a sizeable proportion of business travellers claiming that they work longer hours and that business trips are putting a strain on their relationships, companies looking to get the best out of employees in the time they are away should perhaps take note of where negative implications are occurring,” he added.