Tight venues can still make a wedding, claims expert

Prospective couples looking to stage a party after their big day have been told not to worry about a lack of space at their wedding reception venue, as there are numerous ways of utilising every inch of a room.

Writing at huffingtonpost.com, wedding preparation expert Amanda Rich highlights that couples will often find an event space they love but will opt for something less flattering in order to bag themselves more room.

She says small venues can still work so long as the planner has strayed away from the conventional layout and gone for something a little more personalised.

For instance, most wedding receptions have the dinner and dancing taking place in the same room. Ms Rich says that by putting each activity in a different room – providing the venue can offer as much – the couple have lots more space to play with.

Speaking from experience of attending such events, Ms Rich also insisted that standing-room only parties are nothing to frown at. Cited by pallasdress.com, she claimed the intimacy really helps to make the occasion even more special, but advised planners to supply chairs for some of the older guests.

In addition, even more space can be saved by opting for a DJ over a band and using long rectangular tables rather than circular surfaces. The former could be especially useful for those looking to save space and money, as DJs commonly charge less per hour than live groups.