Time to shake-up old conference formats, says Conference Summit

The events industry needs to rid itself of “old news” traditional conference formats if its to keep up with current trends. 

This was the verdict of an audience of event planners at this year’s Conference Summit in London, who claimed that it was time to try new things in order to stay relevant for clients and audiences.

In figures cited by conference-news.co.uk, 35 per cent of attendees at the event claimed that traditional conference formats unfolding at event venues around the UK were “old news”.

An additional 41 per cent claimed to have backed their words up with actions by organising a hybrid event this year, while 64 per cent of those in attendance said they would do so in 2013.  

Executive director of George P Johnson, an event marketing agency, Kevin Jackson advised planners to distance themselves from tried and tested conference methods to become innovators in their field.

“People ultimately still have the same goals but it’s about selecting the right medium in which to achieve them, even if it is different from what has happened before,” Mr Jackson stated. 

According to a review at conferencesummit.co.uk, other topics covered at the recent event included how to keep staff motivated, how to expand into new markets, reacting to changing needs and how planners can utilise the power of digital and live media to “revolutionise” their own events.