Tips for avoiding drunken mishaps at office parties

Event planners have been offered a series of recommendations on how to prevent problems relating to alcohol at upcoming work Christmas parties.

Legal expert Jonathan Segal – writing for Bloomberg Businessweek – pointed out that having drinks poured by a barman (rather than by guests themselves) will ensure that the size of drinks are not too generous.

He went on to recommend that cab vouchers be handed out to people, while making sure that corporate messages highlight the importance of not driving after consuming alcohol.

During the party, it can help to have someone on the lookout for people who are visibly becoming overly inebriated, as well as supplying the place with plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks.

“The safest approach from a legal perspective is to forget about cocktails, beer, or wine,” said Segal, but added: “That’s not necessarily realistic.”

For people looking for additional tips on party etiquette, there could be a major new book in the pipeline written by Pippa Middleton – the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge – according to Mail Online.

The newspaper suggested that the title could be released before Christmas next year, which could help corporate party planners add a touch of Royal class to their festive events in 2012.