Tips on improving meeting productivity outlined by expert

Improving team idea-generation and problem-solving productivity should be on the agenda for all meeting leaders lest they wish to have a boring, ‘time-suck’ of a meeting.

That’s the advice handed down by Lauren Simonds, writing for, who cites Martin Murphy’s book ‘No More Pointless Meetings: Breakthrough Sessions That Will Revolutionize the Way You Work’.

Simonds lists a number of tips from Murphy’s book, including avoiding constant critique, standing while speaking and switching seats after a break.

‘Nothing crushes creativity and enthusiasm faster than criticism,’ says Murphy. ‘At the outset of a project, focus on generating ideas and worry about evaluating and fine-tuning them afterward. Think quantity, not quality; you can cherry-pick the best ideas.’

When leading presentations at meeting venues, the designated speaker should always be standing. Consequently, the speaker will be more energetic and have a lot more room for gestures, which will ‘engage everyone in the room’.

Finally, if a mid-meeting break is necessary – perhaps to grab some lunch or a drink – then the leader should switch up where everyone used to be sitting.

‘When the meeting participants return from a break, have them sit in different seats. This will increase alertness and nudge folks out of their comfort zones,’ he added, cited by