Too many meetings spoil the proverbial broth, says study

As a new business leader, having too many introductory meetings is a big no-no and a mistake that forms part of the ‘seven deadly business sins’.

That’s according to new research from First100, a firm that helps business leaders settle into new jobs. Scheduling too many meetings in a short space of time could alienate employees and ‘achieve very little’, say the firm.

On the other hand, a few large introductory meetings held in luxurious meeting venues could be the key to winning over staff.

Garrett O’Keeffe, a First100 representative, said business leaders should plan their starting period carefully: “The first 100 days in a new role is a critical time period and will have an impact for the next 12 months and beyond.

“Without a clearly defined plan, it is easy to fall into the trap of holding lots of introductory meetings – the result is that very little will have been achieved over that period,” cites Sky News.

First100’s other deadly business sins include sleeping with a colleague, continually referring to the business practices of a former company, making decisions for the sake of being decisive, avoid sacking workers in the hope they will “work out”, playing the political game and telling staff about a decision to “ask questions” for the first three months of a tenure, cites