Top five tips for throwing a Christmas party

With the festive season upon us, lots of people will be thinking about organising their own Christmas party nights.

Hosting a Christmas party is always fun but it can bring with it stress and a million and one things to do. The Liverpool Echo has given readers its top five tips to throwing this season’s best party night.

According to event management expert Cathryn O’Grady, whether you are throwing a party for five people or for 15 the same principles apply. “It’s all about planning, planning and more planning.” she said.

The most important thing is to get organised, a party won’t plan itself and it certainly shouldn’t be left to the last minute. Party hosts should give themselves 3-4 weeks if throwing a home based gathering or longer (between 6-8 weeks) if the party is being held at one of many venues for hire. Creating a list of things to do always helps and can be quite therapeutic as you begin to tick things off.

When planning a party or event agree a budget, decide how much you want to spend at the beginning and then stick to it. List the things you want to buy and a rough estimate of how much you want to spend on each item, but be careful not to forget decorations. When considering decorations it is the perfect time to decide if your event will have a theme, however, be realistic about what you can get done with the time left, budget and resources.

Think about who you want to invite, write out your guest list and keep checking it to ensure you haven’t missed anybody off; but also make sure you don’t have too many on your list. Asking guests to RSVP by a certain date will stop you being unsure how of how many to cater for and don’t forget to check if there are any special dietary requirement.

Lastly and most importantly ensure you have enough food and drink. Aim to make your food table a talking point, lay it out like a feast using nibbles such as olives, crisps and dips to fill it up.