Top tips for successful events in 2011

Events cover a range of fields including fundraising dinners, sports events and school reunions, in addition to professional and academic conferences.

Event Industry News has offered event organisers their top tips for planning successful events for the year ahead. The website’s first tip to event organisers is that if they are trying to attract a new special event, they should study every aspect of it before making their bid. Event venues are much more likely to win their bid if they do their homework and ensure they know the basics, such as the event demographics, whether there are any special events and whether their venue will be able to offer everything the customer needs.

Those with venues for hire should make sure they know the answers to the basic “W” questions- Who, Why, When and What. These are essential questions and venue owners should ensure they can answer them. Not only are the answers key to running a successful event but they also help promote positive word of mouth advertising.

Learning the event’s time necessities will help to prepare a timeline for the venue’s role in the event. Often it is small things that make an event special and win over a client. By having a timeline the chance of a mistake or oversight is decreased, but it is worth remembering that the timeline should indicate when something starts in addition to when it will be completed.