Tour de France will boost London's economy by £13 million

The Tour de France will provide a positive boost to the capital, as it will bring in an extra £13 million to the economy, its organisers estimate.

At least one million people will make their way to the capital to watch the race and line the route where the cyclists will pass. There will also be fan zones, where tens of thousands of Tour de France enthusiasts will be able to enjoy live music, purchase bike equipment, taste French cuisine and visit a Tour museum, reports

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, commented that the Tour de France might give England a boost after the disappointing results of the World Cup.

“The Tour in London will be the most fantastic spectacle of sport, which will surely delight and entertain,” he says. “Forget Rio, the real carnival this year is to be had in these magnificent fan parks with our wonderful volunteers. Bienvenue Le Tour! With British cycling in the rudest of health it’s only fitting that London is set to play host to the greatest cycle race on the planet.”

However, if a strike by London Underground workers goes ahead, huge disruptions could be caused during the event. The walk out is set to begin at 8pm tomorrow (July 1) and could last until the following Wednesday (July 9), reports A London Underground spokesperson has said services should not be affected, even if the strikes go ahead.