Towns across the UK prepare for jubilee

Towns, cities and counties across the nation are beginning their preparations for the Queen’s Jubilee next year, with some actively planning local celebrations already.

Apparently, local authorities have “pledged to make the four days [marked to celebrate] memorable” for their residents.

One such authority is Portsmouth Council. It has confirmed it will hold events in similar to those seen during the Royal Wedding last April – wherein many people likely hired function venues to celebrate in style.

Furthermore, a councillor for the whole of Hampshire, Ken Thornber, confirmed that the entire county would play host to many events in celebration of the Royal anniversary. He told The News: “Hampshire County Council will…provide a wide range of opportunities for people to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.”

“In particularly, we will work with schools, museums and libraries to enable people to share in the celebrations of the Queen’s 60-year reign.”

It is thought street parties will be also be encouraged by the council; a theme prominent throughout the UK and particularly popular in London. The Associated Press confirmed that throughout London “traditional street parties and picnics” will take place.

The capital will also see its fair share of organised events go ahead, such as a concert at Buckingham Palace and 1,000 boats being released along the River Thames.