Tracking attendees and watching the clock can improve business meetings, advises experts

In order to make business meetings a more effective practice, two experts have brainstormed a number of ideas that could increase productivity and transform meetings in the process.

Productivity expert Tony Wong and entrepreneur Ilya Pozin, cited by, believe that keeping an eye on the clock can help meetings stay on the schedule and thus direction.

“Stay on schedule by always beginning at the stated time, regardless of whether everyone has arrived, and end the meeting on time, even if you haven’t completed your agenda,” they explain.

Furthermore, it is worth leaders tracking the number of attendees of a meeting. Wong and Pozin explain that meetings should be like VIP events – limit invitations only to those who are vital to the conversation.

It is also worth leaders defining the type of meeting they are holding. Is it just a five minute catch-up with the team or is it a company-wide event that requires a conference space?

“People easily confuse business meetings with group work sessions and brainstorming sessions. These two types of work settings require far more time than a standard meeting – often two hours,” they added, cited by

In addition, long introduction and repetitive ramblings are bad habits. Leaders need to ensure that unproductive habits are left at the door and that all attendees are prepared with the “appropriate materials and a list of talking points”.