Tradition no longer an issue when it comes to wedding finances

It seems that the tradition of the bride’s parents footing the bill for her wedding is dying out, in Britain at least, reports.

That’s according to the results of a survey by John Lewis Insurance. It found that over half of Britons surveyed said they would expect to foot the bill for their big day themselves.

Perhaps interestingly, 58 per cent of women said this, compared to only 46 per cent of men. Over one-third said differently – expecting both of their parents to put a little towards the budget – whilst one in ten said they’d stick with tradition, expecting the bride’s family to stump up the cash needed for things like the wedding reception venue.

John Lewis Insurance’s head of commercial, John Brady, cited the rising average cost of weddings as the main reason for this change in values. He explained: “This change may have come about because weddings are getting more expensive, meaning people are less willing to burden the bride’s parents with the whole cost.

“It might also be that the increasing age of marrying couples has given them greater financial independence. Either way, it can never be a bad thing if couples are thinking seriously about how their wedding will be funded well in advance of the big day.” confirmed that to gather its results, John Lewis Insurance spoke to 2,031 adults across the UK.