Traditional weddings are back in vogue, says expert

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood-style weddings is officially out, according to Wendy Donahue, writing for

She suggested red carpet style weddings are sliding down the priority list for brides-to-be. Instead, they’re dusting off traditional wedding value, but implementing a modern twist.

Veronica Sheaffer, a gown designer, explained why: “Brides are looking to capture the sweetness of their grandmothers’ weddings while also staying current. There’s been a return to old-fashioned, hand-crafted weddings – lots of DIY decor – and that’s been reflected in the bride’s look as well.”

However, Sheaffer revealed to that brides aren’t looking for 1980s dresses and neither will Sheaffer stock them as it’s “the worst decade in fashion ever”.

Nonetheless, brides are looking to add the element of surprise to their wedding days; personalising everything from the dress to the wedding reception venue.

Event planner and author Kelly Seizert believes even the most formal weddings are adding their own personalised, intimate touches, harking back to traditional values.

“We had a bride this past fall who had a lovely strapless ball gown for her wedding and reception,” she said. “After the entree, she changed into her mother’s dress from the ’70s, altered and shortened, and danced the night away in that. It honoured her mum and changed things up a bit.”