Traditional weddings to be replaced by new trends

The traditional white church wedding could be a thing of the past, according to a new report from

The colour purple, civil ceremonies and cosmetic procedures are set to be the new trends for weddings in 2013. claims a report has shown one in five brides will opt for a purple dress and 60 per cent of over 2,000 brides surveyed have chosen to have their wedding elsewhere than the church.

Rising church prices may be a contributing issue, but being able to have the ceremony at the wedding reception venue could be a deciding factor for many couples. reports wedding gowns are breaking away from traditional styles and are starting to incorporate unusual touches like bows and long sleeves.

Grooms are also pushing the boat out with results showing up to 90 per cent of men are opting for teeth whitening treatments or veneers before the big day. 25 per cent would even go so far as to have cosmetic procedures including Botox.

The majority of brides have credited reality TV as being the main influence in their wedding plans, although some cite popular movies as being their inspiration. The ‘Twilight’ franchise and Disney princess themes are both popular choices.