Trafalgar Square Christmas tree to be lit up this week

A huge Christmas tree set to be installed in London’s Trafalgar Square has now arrived in England – from Norway – and will be lit up on Thursday (December 6th).

The landmark could be a popular stop-off on the way to Christmas party venues in the capital, as the tree is enormous and will be decorated in a traditional Norwegian style, reports.

For the company transporting the tree, DFDS Seaways, the project has been a source of pride. Managing director Sean Potter hailed his team at Immingham, as well as their counterparts in Scandinavia for the way they have acted throughout the course of the tree’s 700-mile journey.

He said: “For many people around the world, the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree symbolises the start of the Christmas season. We are honoured to transport the world’s most famous Christmas tree through Immingham.

“This year we were experiencing strong winds and our DFDS Seaways vessel and stevedores from Norway did a first class job shipping the tree safely and securely from Norway to Immingham.”

According to, the tree is between 115 – 120 years old and measures around 21 metres in height. The Norwegian spruce (its Latin name is picea abies) is sent as a gift each year to symbolise the friendship between the UK and Norway.

A fir tree has been delivered every year since 1947 – although the tradition started some years earlier, when the King of Norway was hiding out in the UK during the Second World War. He was sent a Christmas tree each year by his subjects to remind him of home.