Transport for London attempting to prevent tube strike with last minute talk

In a bid to prevent the upcoming tube strikes, Transport for London (TfL) will have a last minute talk with members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport workers’ union (RMT) today (April 28), reports

Rail workers plan to strike between Monday night and Wednesday night, if the strikes go ahead. They will also be picketing for another three days from May 5. A spokesperson for the RMT says the union hopes the resulting talks after the strikes will be serious and meaningful.

The strike is in response to the TfL’s modernisation plans, which would cause around 953 jobs to go. For eight weeks union bosses and TfL have been in talks over the proposed cuts, but earlier this month, they broke down, reports

Both the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and David Cameron say the strike will cause chaos for families and businesses.

“Its leadership is demonstrating once again its utter contempt for commuters and business alike,” Mr Johnson states.  “No one will be forced out of a job, no one will lose pay. Fewer than three per cent of journeys start at a ticket office, at a cost of £50 million. By saving that we can help keep fares down.”