Treat your guests to special surprises for a unique wedding day

A wedding expert has said that brides and grooms-to-be should make sure they line up a host of surprises for guests at their wedding day.

Rhiannon Banda Scott, from wedding planning firm Hey Gorgeous Events, said that making guests happy can make couples’ weddings happier too. She told this week: “If you were a guest coming to your own big day, what sorts of surprises, offerings and setups would delight you? Maybe it’s a milkshake station, a cotton candy machine, a bonfire with a s’mores bar, a live band, a stand-up cocktail reception or picnic tables with open seating.”

Ms Scott added: “…you want your guests to feel taken care of. When your guests’ needs are considered, your wedding is sure to stand out in their memories for years to come.”

Other tips given in the article about how to make weddings stand out included looking for a meaningful venue, looking for unique decorations and starting unique traditions.

Meanwhile, another post published this week has also recommended that social media should be carefully controlled when it comes to weddings. The article, published on claimed social media shouldn’t be used to send thank-you notes for wedding gifts. This could be due to the fact that it is more impersonal than hand-written notes.

However, using social media to set a dress code was labelled as fine to make sure guests get their outfits right for the big day.