Troubled couple set for hippy-style wedding

Tumultuous couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller are set to host a hippy-style wedding, reports suggest.

After becoming engaged over the festive season, it seems the couple have put their turbulent history behind them as they venture towards married life. A source has revealed that the pair are planning to host a hippy-style wedding, with myriad flowers sprawled throughout the wedding reception venue.

“Jude’s given her a ring for Christmas, and he intends to make her a bride this summer,” a source told the Dorset Echo.

“She’s going for a ‘hippy-style flowers-in-your-hair’ wedding,” the source added, claiming “she wants [to see] Jude’s children taking part in the ceremony.”

Their upcoming nuptials may come as a surprise to some, as their previous engagement was called off when news of Law’s affair with his nanny broke, much to the dismay of his fiancé. However it seems the Factory Girl actress is keen to move on from this and live the married-with-babies dream of so many women.

“Jude’s given her a new house. Sienna has decided that this will be the home she has children in. There is room for each of Jude’s children and a room for a new baby” added the source in The Daily Star.

“Sienna wants to do everything right this time – the perfect house, perfect timing and a family with the man she first fell in love with on the set of Alfie. Despite everything, she never stopped loving him.”

Perhaps Miller’s dreams of a hippy-style wedding will encourage other British brides to adopt the same style this summer, which requires touches such as casual dress, vintage place settings and relaxed summer picnic-style catering.