Turn 'boring' meetings into fun gatherings, advises expert

Meetings continue to have a prominent role to play in modern businesses as they are a platform for getting together to share ideas, fostering innovation and establishing a collaborative company culture.

As a result, it’s important that employees don’t see them as boring, time wasting corporate initiatives, writes Arielle Patrice Scott, representative of the Young Entrepreneurship Council.

Blogging for business2community.com, Scott believes that discussing business information in a conference space over lunch can help generate natural conversation, with ‘the biggest issues of running a company bubbling up naturally’.

Furthermore, Scott also highlights the ‘show-and-tell’ nature of some new firms. The formality of some meetings is brushed to one side so each worker can show off what they have achieved at the end of the week.

“How do you slow down or eliminate ‘burnout’ within your company?’ asks Scott, cited by theyec.org. “Making sure everyone is having a little fun and being a little silly. We fire up the big projector, grab some drinks and everyone has a chance to show the office what they’ve been working on.”

Most of all, employees and firms that are finding their meetings run-of-the-mill should start to ‘retool’ their meetings.

“There are plenty of companies across the world, from startups to major enterprises, that are starting to retool their meetings. If I were to make one recommendation for all leaders pushing for a high-output, more productive culture, I’d recommend rethinking the way you all ‘meet,'” she added.