TV show has heightened teenagers' expectations

According to one experienced parent and writer, Janelle Harris, the television show ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’ has significantly heightened the expectations of teenagers on their birthdays.

This in turn has put pressure on parents to hold lavish parties worth thousands of pounds, but doing so is “crazy”, Harris said on

“To throw a soirée these days, the standards have been kind of amplified. There’s got a be a theme, multimedia components and a certain amount of wow factor,” said Harris. She admitted that  “the pressure is on” for parents, but that the only way in which to combat this is not to succumb to it.

The parenting expert added on that it would be ridiculous to spend “anything with a comma in it” on a throwing an above-and-beyond party.

Instead, she spends money on one main thing – like paying for the hire of function venues, or spending money on really nice food. The rest can be tackled at home, without having to outsource – such as making invites or setting up a playlist.

“I’m railing against the excesses and elaborateness,” Harris concluded. “Creativity…will carry me just as far as cash money. I refuse to be one of those parents who breaks the bank on one day, when in fact, that day will come around again next year.”