U2 need to "keep it real" at Glastonbury

U2 have been asked to “keep it real” at this year’s Glastonbury festival, by the event organiser, Michael Eavis.

In order to achieve this, Eavis has banned the rock stars from using giant screens or extreme props in their set; instead stripping it down to match the other performers.

According to Event Industry News, the foursome will be forced to leave the “jaw dropping effects” seen on their recent world tour behind; in favour of a more low-key approach.

The Glastonbury set-up typically consists of several mini function venues and stages set up throughout the field in Somerset; and despite U2 being given pride of place on the prestigious Pyramid stage, they will have to tone their performance down.

A source close to the band confirmed the request, claiming: “Michael Eavis told the band it will be almost impossible to bring any elements of their current stage set to Glastonbury.”

“There won’t be room for the big screens and all the props on the Pyramid stage, so the band are having to completely re-design their show for the Glasto gig. Bono has already suggested they completely change the set list.”

Despite having to change their set, Liquida claimed that the band would still “enjoy one of their finest hours” when they perform alongside giants such as Beyonce and Coldplay at the June event.