UK braced for 'Mad Friday'

Today has been dubbed ‘Mad Friday’, thanks to the extraordinary volume of office Christmas parties set to take place throughout the UK tonight.

According to, tonight represents the time most companies will hire event spaces to provide some much-needed respite for their staff members.

However this also means a very busy night for the emergency services, given the potential for party-goers to over-indulge a little; ending up perhaps hurting themselves or drinking far too much.

On 2010’s ‘Mad Friday’ (which fell on December 17th), some 6,681 calls were made to the ambulance service in London alone – compared to the usual Friday night number of 4,000. Although those attending office parties should of course have fun, it is important they are responsible with it.

A spokesperson for the London Ambulance Service, Laura Palts, summed up what her night will consist of: “People fall over, hit their heads, twist their ankles and so on, but mostly they’re just very drunk and need looking after.”

In order to deal with the extra intake, additional staff have been drafted into areas throughout the nation, revealed – not all of them will be stationed at A&E. Nathan Hudson, from the West Midlands Ambulance Service, explained why this is.

“These patients don’t need a trip to A&E, but do require some form of treatment,” said Hudson. “By reducing the number of patients going to local A&E departments, ambulance crews are freed up to respond to patients with life-threatening conditions.”