UK business travellers look to cut costs through increased use of trains, cars

New research shows that UK business travellers are making an attempt to keep their costs down by favouring cheaper methods of transport over flights.

Data from expenses firm Concur shows that spend on flights dropped 8.8 per cent last year, from £510.99 to £466.22. Meanwhile says the average price paid for rail increased by 12 per cent, with business travellers spending £50.83 on each journey.

While this may have been down to recent increases in train fares, Concur suggested the higher cost was a result of delegates travelling more miles on public transport.

Cited by, the company’s global Expense IQ Report claimed that London was the most visited international business travel destination last year in terms of overnight stays, fending off competition from Singapore, Beijing and Tokyo.

Fortunately for those travelling to conference centres in London, the city boasts unparalleled rail links to a range of destinations across the UK.  

The report also revealed a 6.3 per cent hike in personal car expenses, to £32.10, while the average transaction for flights was down by 8.8 per cent to £466.22. Flight expenses were at an average of £510.99 last year.

“This suggests that UK travellers may have been seeking savings by choosing less expensive modes of travel when feasible,” said Concur.