'Ultimate' London guide app debuts

A new iPhone application proclaiming to be ‘the ultimate mobile city guide’ for Londoners has made its debut on london24.com.

Unlike many other smartphone applications, the MyCityWay London24 has included everything a local – or indeed tourist – could need to know about the bustling capital.

More than 30 specialist ‘location-based, real-time and really useful’ mini-apps make up the tool, supplying information such as what’s on at event venues, where to park or where the nearest café is. Archant, the publisher behind london24, has partnered with the app specialist mycitymyway.com to bring the application to life.

Paul Hood, digital director for Archant London, said: “We are very excited to be able to offer a free-of-charge urban discovery tool, enabling residents, tourists and business travellers to navigate, explore and enjoy London in unprecedented ways.

“It is a natural extension of our London24 digital brand and the Archant core mission to serve London residents, commuters and tourists with helpful and relevant information.”

According to mycitymyway.com, the application is not only easy for users to customise and plan, but also a good way for brands to grow their client base without the need for mass marketing.

This is because the built-in GPS features allow brands to specifically target people using the app whilst near their precise location; giving them the chance to promote their own events, parties, or offer discounts in-store.