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'Undead' gather for UK's first zombie-themed wedding

Hundreds of pseudo flesh-eating monsters watched on as a couple dressed as the ‘undead’ tied the knot in what thesun.co.uk claims to be UK’s first ever zombie-themed wedding.  

Jennifer Jones, 27, and Rob Blackmore, 31, along with 250 guests wore special make-up to create the event in London earlier this week.

Some of the wedding’s standout features included red-colour cocktails – representing blood, a zombie’s favourite tipple – and a personalised set of vows. Having the vicar read lines like “In sickness and in rotting, To love-bite and hunt together” might be something of an acquired taste, but the couple seemed happy to stray away from the norm.  

After the ceremony was finished, Jennifer and Rob then headed to their wedding reception venue for the first dance – a predictable choice in Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

The couple had invited Liverpool forward Luis Suarez to their big day after he bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic in a Premier League match at Anfield last week.

Sadly the Uruguayan failed to respond to the gesture, though Ms Jones said her day was a “dream come true” all the same.

She told mirror.co.uk: “We wanted to get married on Halloween anyway so it was always going to be a spooky, creepy, weird wedding.

“My mum wasn’t even surprised. Every day is like Halloween for me. She loved the idea.”