Underground needs improvements prior to 2012

London’s Underground system needs to be radically improved prior to the 2012 Olympic Games, the London Assembly has confirmed.

According to Bloomberg.com, the assembly stated that the continual technical problems and strikes affecting the Underground wouldn’t be acceptable during the event.

As such, Transport for London (TfL) and working unions will need to “reach agreement on future pay” before the Games take place. However it did admit that TfL will face “significant challenges” in getting the system up to scratch by next summer.

It is thought that the Underground will be crucial in shuffling eager sports fans around event venues in the capital next summer; with thousands of people expected to attend the Games. As such, the assembly highlighted the importance of the system running smoothly.

However it seems TfL and the managers of the London Underground have taken note, as the system’s managing director, Mike Brown, confirmed.

He told BBC News: “We are currently undertaking the biggest upgrade in its [the Underground’s] history – replacing signalling, trains and track to boost capacity and provide passengers with more reliable and more comfortable journeys.

“This can’t be achieved overnight and some disruption is inevitable as the work takes places. Londoners rightly expect reliable journeys and we are completely focused on making sure that we deliver that.”