Unique Christmas parties can be marketing tool

Businesses can use their Christmas parties to promote their brand by making the experience unique and befitting of the company’s values.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Absolute Radio’s advertising director Remy Kirk explained that putting on an impressive show during the festive season allows the station to reassert what the firm is all about and who its listeners are.

If a company hires one of the party venues London has to offer, it should aim to use performers as brand partners; making sure that clients and prospective customers have a chance to see the one-off entertainment on display.

“Our events show clients that we have access to money-can’t-buy experiences and generate stories that they are going to tell their grandchildren. ‘I went to see Elton John in a chapel’ certainly trumps ‘I went on a corporate golf day’,” said Kirk.

In her view, Absolute Radio has had to be more clever about its marketing; using assets that it already possesses to impress.

While utilising events to bolster a company’s reputation can be a very successful, it is important not to go overboard with corporate branding, as Annabel Kantaria pointed out on her telegraph.co.uk blog.

She discussed the Emirates Airline sponsorship of the London cable-car river-crossing, suggesting that the re-branding of two major landmarks – Emirates Greenwich Peninsula and Emirates Royal Docks – could cause resentment among Londoners.

Kantaria stressed that it is a brilliant branding exercise for the airline, but she is “doubtful” as to whether residents will greet the name with open arms.