Unusual christmas party venues to lead the way

Christmas party nights are the highlight of the working year for many employees, representing an opportunity to let their hair down and socialise. With many employers starting to book Christmas party venues, now is the time for event spaces to promote themselves, according to Meetpie.

From large corporate organisations to small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s), all organisations are encouraged to motivate staff by hosting Christmas parties. With the economic downturn seemingly fading, companies this year are considering their party options and according to industry experts, are looking for something a little different.

From hidden inner city heritage venues, to country manors the Christmas party is the corporate occasion where employers can really push the boat out and reward their staff for a year of hard work. This year, venues are hoping to capitalise on the bolstered economy by offering luxury, quirky Christmas events – a fresh move away from a hotel-style meat and two veg arrangement, complete with DJ and poky dance-floor.

Head of a national event venue organisation, Richard Langford, commented about the push for more unusual corporate Christmas parties to Meetpie, saying: ”The knock-on effect from throwing such a unique event can generate a healthier working environment in the long term.”