Use Christmas parties to foster togetherness

Companies can use Christmas parties to encourage a spirit of togetherness, according to an HR expert.

Speaking to Management-Issues, chief people officer at SuccessFactors Jeff Diana accepted that the differences between team members can be divisive and the geographic distances separating them can be obstacles to effective relationships.

But he claimed that overcoming such issues can make the bonds even closer. When it comes to the Christmas party, it is vital that everyone’s cultures are considered and every effort is made to include the whole organisation in celebrations, since this can bring people together at an often chaotic time of year.

“If you can’t afford to fly in or buy hotel rooms for remote workers, whether that’s for a holiday party or planning session for the year ahead, companies should consider including remote workers in team celebrations via social media, video, or other group (or individual) acknowledgement of their contributions,” said Mr Diana.

Booking a venue for this type of event can be a challenge, but the Ealing Gazette noted how one organisation avoids this problem each year by holding their party in November.

The Wood End Residents’ Association had their Christmas party five weeks before Christmas Day this year, with chairman Dave Dwyer saying the group are already looking forward to the 2012 occasion.