Variety key to hospitality-based social media accounts

Function venues, restaurants and other hospitality-based companies should ensure their social media accounts offer a wide variety of content.

That’s according to advice issued by the director of Twitter UK, Bruce Daisley, who – alongside some hospitality experts – shared his top tips on how to get the most out of social media with

He explained that publishing a combination of competitions, special offers, photos and videos is a great way to engage all kinds of different followers. Restaurants could publish pictures of their food, for example, or event venues could share a video of a recent party they hosted.

Using Vine, the app that allows users to take six-second videos, is another way to share a product or service in an engaging way, added Vikki O’Neil, a restaurant marketing consultant. Running regular competitions can achieve this too, although businesses should ensure they comply with all rules set out by each social network regarding contests.

Companies operating in the hospitality sector should consider their tone of voice on social media too, before diving into anything. For example, if operating a high-end, formal event venue, a professional tone would probably be best – but for a fun, offbeat cafe, a lighter tone would be more relevant.

Rounding off the advice, cafe owner Shaun Alpine-Crabtree shared his thoughts on why an investment in social media is worth it for hospitality businesses. He concluded: “You can see the return on investment… What is the value of 10,000 people talking about you? Can you put a price on it? Absolutely not. Is it necessary? Absolutely.”

With Barclays’ head of hospitality and leisure, Mike Saul, recently telling that social media can create a “very powerful feedback loop”, Alpine-Crabtree’s comments might just be spot on.