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Vary bridesmaids' dresses by colour or style, urges columnist

Bridesmaids do not need to all wear the exact same dress – they could vary by colour or style and still look smart, a columnist has claimed.

Writing for, Oh Lovely Day founder Chandra Fredrick explained that brides could pick a colour and just ask their bridesmaids to make sure their dress aligns with that colour, no matter what style it is. That way, if they have different body shapes or preferences then they can get something that suits them.

Alternatively, the bride can choose a dress style and give her bridesmaids the choice of which colour they want – it may give them more confidence when they walk into the wedding reception venue to be dressed in a colour they like.

“Remember ladies, your bridesmaids are your best friends (or are supposed to be). Don’t make them look bad, be uncomfortable or take away any chance they have of feeling a bit like themselves at your wedding,” remarked Ms Fredrik.

The subject of bridesmaids dresses was also recently covered by wedding writer Kim Fusaro, who gave five examples of dresses that look a bit different from the norm but that still suit the occasion.

They included a chiffon tiered petals dress, a chiffon two-toned draped V-neck option, a ruffled and ruched two-tone strapless garment, as well as cap-sleeve vintage dress with faux buttons.