Vast majority believe face-to-face marketing delivers optimum ROI

Face-to-face marketing delivers a better return on investment than any other form of media, according to new research.

A recent survey from experiential event specialist Face Time has indicated that 80 per cent believe marketing a brand, product or service is best done face-to-face as it provides the best return on investment.

This method of advertising was compared with some of the most well used platforms, including TV, press and radio. To obtain the clearest answer, Face Time used an advanced form of polling technology called Implicit Response Testing, which records both the selection and response time.

According to, researchers from COG Research, who commissioned the study on Face Time’s behalf, also highlighted the importance of physical meetings to generate key sales.

This indicates that instead of allocating huge amounts of time and money on digital platforms, marketers might be better off looking at suitable venues for hire and staging their own event.

Jim Curry, director of Face Time, urged marketers not to undervalue the importance of events in his comments after the survey,

“The physical nature of attending an event inherently means that visitors are seriously interested in products and services being showcases and 89 per cent agreed that face-to-face delivers real audiences with real money to spend,” he commented.

The results arrive in light of another recent study, this time by Ofcom, which indicated that only one per cent of Brits are using face-to-face communication more than they did two years ago.

However, according to results from, 22 per cent of this study group were made up of consumers who overwhelmingly preferred to communicate in person and naturally shunned technology like social media.