Vast majority of wedding guests try to buy cheapest item on gift list

A huge 97 per cent of wedding guests attempt to buy the cheapest gift the happy couple have asked for, as the cost of attending a wedding can be so high.

According to, a new survey conducted by One4all Gift Card reveals that a fifth of wedding guests don’t even pay attention to the gift list, because they want to buy what they like and spend what they choose. When everything is taken into account, such as engagement gifts, stag and hen dos and new outfits, the average Brit spends £400 to come to a wedding.

In order to save themselves some money, some guests don’t even bother buying a gift. Instead, they purchase a really nice card and hope that the happy couple won’t mind, as they made the effort to attend, reports Others cut down on their bar bills by only drinking non-alcoholic beverages in the evening on the big day.

Preparation is key too, a number of guests, women in particular, buy their outfits and accessories months in advance. This is so they can spread out the cost of going to the wedding, rather than paying for everything at once. Other choose to book in a different hotel to where the rest of the wedding guests are staying. Picking a hotel nearby rather than right next to the venue can sometimes save people money.